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Music is the rhythm, harmony and sound which are being made from number of instruments (Music, 2016). Producing a music is not a one time effort, but it demands continuous and constant efforts from the side of composer. Furthermore, there is an interrelationship also exist between music and science. Their effectual combination have produced several master piece. This report will be produced upon given music piece. The beats per minute (BPM) is used to measure the tempo in music. Thus, with regard to given piece BPM used is 130. Furthermore, one of the most commonly used time signature is being used for the given music which is of 4/4. In addition to this, the music is produced with the help of number of instruments such as bass, sound fx, drums, piano and guitar etc.

Hence, the given report will provide detailed explanation with respect to the given piece of music. In this context, it will showcase that what has inspired composer to produce the give piece.


It takes lots of time for completing master piece like this. The music which is given produced is of 4/4 time signature. Thus, there are number of sources assessed which inspire an individual with an aim to produce the respective piece. The inspiration could be composer passion towards the music. The passion of composer can be depicted through different ways. Here, if composer has passion towards the music or sound at that time it will gather the information regarding the things which are happening in the music world on continuous basis. Along with this, the composer will assemble varied other information too. For example, which new composition has come in market, what developments is being made in time signature and many other things (Deutsch, 2013). Thus, it is the composer passion towards the music only which inspired it with respect to produce music piece like the attached one.

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In addition to this, the characteristic of composer is another factor which inspire it to do certain work.  One of the composer attribute could be the curiosity to know everything. The curious nature of music composer indulge it into different type of activities. For example, if composer is curious to know that how sound has been occurred from the single and double piece of drums. In the similar way, if composer also very curious about how combination of different keys in piano produces varied type of music. Furthermore, some composer want to know that how other composers set lyrics for the music while composing some master piece. Here, in order to perform the same some people see the albums of different famous music composer and singers. Hence, the given activity arouses curiosity to explore the hidden world of music among them. The result of such efforts will be respective work or composition.

Further, with this some music composer takes inspiration for the purpose to develop composition like the attached one from varied symphonies. In this regard, many people read about all type of symphonies and thereby they make their efforts to put all these learned material into some practical aspect (Burkholder and Grout, 2014). The result of this is the given music. Many individuals read different books upon the music which also played very effective role in giving inspiration for  producing some composition.

In addition to this, different feelings such as love and emotion towards the particular person also inspire people for given work. Some people compose master piece through imagination power. For instance, one of the composer had imagined about some soothing sound which it can listen whenever feel stressed and exhausted (Koelsch, 2014). Thus, the given thing also inspire the people to produce the master piece like the given one. Thus, the feeling of composer can be consider as one of the situation from which the idea with regard to produce the respective music will come.

The work of composer does not end once it will compose the music. This is because, after setting or finalizing the composition, composer will have to set some lyrics for its composition. For this purpose, it will have to take help from some singer. Here, together both singer and composer discuss different melodies. Thereby, make the selection of such music which perfectly suits to its composition (Whiteley, 2013). However, while doing this composer faces number of problems. For  example, the composer of given music had also faced number of difficulties. In this context, it is assessed that singer of the given composition could not be able to write the lyrics for the music.  At that time composer of respective music had played significant role. Here, the composer of respective music had written lyrics for its composition on its own (Salimpoor and, 2013).

Moreover, establishing the synchronization between different instruments is another most difficult task which is gone through by number of music composer. Here, in the given music piece also composer have used varied instruments. Thus, in order to make the synchronization between drum beat and piano, the composer had made several recordings. Thereby, the given master piece is produced (Otero and, 2014). Additionally, the people will also have to perform different type of modification in its composition with an aim to make them effective and presentable. For example, in the given piece composer have made modifications in the singer voice (Clynes, 2013).

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It can be depicted from the given report that it is not easier for the composer with respect to prepare any composition at one single night. This is because, the activity such as music composition demands constant and continuous efforts from the side of composer. However, if this is not made by it at that time it will become difficult for the composer with regard to produce any kind of music. In addition to this, with an aim to produce the master piece the composer should have good technical knowledge associated with the music field. The absence of this thing will also create hurdle in front of composer. Additionally, the composer must get inspiration from something in order to produce the music piece. These all things are effectively followed by the composer of respective music.



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