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Sales development is managed by sales executives and managers in the organization. Sales development team can be defined as specific group that emphasizes to increase the sales of products by using various techniques like establishing appointments and demonstrations of products and services in front of consumers (Krishnan, Peterson and Groza, 2015). It is necessary task for corporations to gain better market share and profit at national and international markets. Cadbury is a multinational company which provides optimistic food products like chocolates, biscuits and beverages to customers in United kingdom (Nour, Sumita and Yoshii, 2015). The present report defines the key components of products and importance of product mixes to increase the sales of company in market. It introduces various aspects which affect buyer behaviour. It represents the concept of external merchandising to enhance the customer volume. Further, it describes different promotional activities as per various scenarios. In addition to this, it defines evaluation of personal selling techniques. It introduces the key principles which is included sales training programme.

Task 1

1.1 Key components of products

There are may key elements of products in the Cadbury which helps to sell its various type of products in market :

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1.2 Importance of  product mix to increase the sales and profit.

Product mix plays important role to increase sales and profit of the company in the nation. It is described below the paragraph.

1.3 Importance of market segmentation to maximise the sales.

Market segmentation plays important role to increase sales of Cadbury in the market. Knowledge of segmentation provides effective reliability for firm to develop strategies by dividing the consumers on the basis of age, income, gender as well as geography in order to maximise the sales of its products in the nation. Further, segmentation also gives right information to Cadbury for targeting the right customers which helps to increase its market share in the market of United Kingdom. As per the consumers strategies, it also provides right guidance to make promotional strategies which contribute effective role to create appropriate awareness regarding various products of Cadbury like like biscuits and chocolates in the market (Nour, Sumita and Yoshii, 2015). In addition to this, it  helps in  increasing the sales of organizational commodities in the market. Further, segmentation also aids in developing product differentiation strategies for organization. It plays important role to lure more consumers towards the company. These approaches increase revenues of Cadbury in market of United Kingdom. Further, segmentation also helps the management of organization to increase its market efficiency and performance which plays important role to increase market image and growth in the FMCG market. These techniques also help the Cadbury to increase sales in its sector.

Task 2

2.1 Explaining the factors which affect buyer behaviour

There are many factors which impact buyer behaviour. It also affect the sales of Cadbury in the nation.

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2.2 Assessment of advertising media that could be used for sales development situations

Management of Cadbury can use all advertising media like social media, television and newspapers for effective sales development in the market.

2.3 Role of external merchandising to maximise the customer volumes

External merchandising of company plays important role to maximise the customer volumes in United Kingdom. It is stated below the paragraph.

External merchandising also helps the Cadbury to promote its products  by using  attractive pricing, special offers  as well as free sampling in the market. As per Yoshii (2015), appropriate cost of products help to create effective awareness  on the consumers regarding all commodities like biscuits and beverages (Yoshii, 2015). In addition to this, it oblige the many consumers to use product at least once. Attractive pricing contribute effective role for company to increase its customer volume which helps to generate its  more profit in the nation.

According to Johnston and Marshall (2013), Special offers like discounts and additional quantity also attract the consumers to purchase more products in the market. Further,  this process helps the Cadbury to increase  customers  stack by taking less price from actual cost. In addition to this, free sampling  contribute effective role for the organization to maximise the customers volumes in United Kingdom (Johnston and Marshall, 2013). It gives practical experience to the many customers regarding product. It also helps the firm to know the perception of people in respect of new commodities in the nation. In addition to this, it contribute effective role for Cadbury to improve products before launching in the market.

Task 3

3.1 Impact of design and layout on customer spending

Design and layout of Cadbury plays important role on customer spending in the nation. It creates positive impact on the organization. Corporation uses various strategies  such as optimistic quality, effective packaging as well as proper services to its consumers in the market. Proper infrastructure of company provides huge reliability to its  employees for developing appropriate strategies for new product development (Krishnan, Peterson and Groza, 2015).. It provides proper resources to  staff members to manage their operations in the area. This process also helps firm the to increase customer spending in the market. In addition to this, Cadbury also maintain effective quality during the development  various products in the plant. Management of organization use quality tools like total quality management which provide huge reliability to improve quality of commodities. This aspect also oblige the customers to enhance customers spending on the Cadbury products by more purchasing  in the market. Further, it  uses effective packaging method  which attract the many children and young people to buy products of company in the nation. This thing contribute effective role to increase the customers spending on the firm product in the market. A part from that, management of Cadbury provides effective services to its dealers in United Kingdom (Johnston, and Marshall, 2013). It also suggest their whole sellers to maintain proper infrastructure in order to attract more consumers which help to enhance their selling in the market. In addition to this, management of Cadbury also solve queries of their dealers in order to make effective trust which help to increase the its profit. This process plays important role for firm to increase customer spendings on the products of Cadbury in the market.

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3.2 Evaluation the effectiveness of Internal merchandising material

Internal merchandising material plays important role to improve effectiveness of company in order to increase its sales in the market. It is represented below the  paragraph.

Internal merchandising also promote the products of Cadbury by utilizing  its various types posters, templates and banners of  in the retail shop. As per Cotter, and Fritzsche, (2014), This thing also creates effective awareness regarding various  type of products like biscuits and beverages on the consumers (Cotter, and Fritzsche, 2014). It oblige the many  customers to check products at least one after purchasing them from shop. In addition to this, retailers also take review in respect of new commodity from consumer. Further, internal merchandising activities of  Cadbury also provides huge help  take information to which contribute effective role to improve products in the nation.  As result, they increases customer volume of company which directly create positive effect to increase the sales (Johnston, and Marshall, 2013).

According to Plank, 2015, Retailers contribute effective role to solve queries of consumers. They also explains comparison between product of Cadbury and other commodities in order to increase customer stack  (Plank, 2015). This approach provides huge reliability for customers to purchase products of company.  In addition, this process also helps customers to solve their queries regarding products which creates optimistic effect to increase its sales by targeting more consumers in the market. It also contribute effective role for Cadbury to increase its revenues and profit by using these advertising strategies (Krishnan, Peterson and Groza, 2015).

Yoshii, 2015 has said that internal merchandising activities of organization collect the complaints of end customers in the market with contribution of retailers and main dealers which provides huge help to know the perception of its products in United Kingdom (Yoshii, 2015). In addition to this, they aid in modifying the mistake which are present in products of firm. They also helps the retailers to increase the frequency of consumers in the market. So these thing increases profit of Cadbury and other retailers in the nation (Wotruba, and Simpson, 2015).

3.3 Assess the different promotional activities as per different scenarios.

There are many different promotional activities as per different conditions of nation like normal, recession, high and lower demand. Management of Cadbury can select its promotional strategies as per their financial and other factors in the nation.

Task 4

4.1 Evaluation of personal selling techniques

There are many personal selling techniques which can help to increase the sales of products in the nation.

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4.2 Explaining influence of operational design on sales revenues.

Operational design of Cadbury creates positive impact on sales revenues with help of various factors like managing proper supply chain and consumer feed back and complaints in United Kingdom. Some of them are explained as follows.

4.3 Describing the key principles that should be associated in sales training programme

There are many principles which should be included in sales training programme of Cadbury organization.

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From the report, it is found that Core benefits , actual and augmented product helps the Cadbury organization to manage its operations. Segmentation  also contribute effective role for firm to increase its sales in the market. Cultural, social and personal factors affect buying behaviour of consume in the market. Further, Social media, television and newspapers contribute effective role for Cadbury to increase sales of its products. In addition to this, various promotional activities also helps in to advertise the products in recession, normal, high and low demand situation in United Kingdom. It can be concluded that Communication and proper knowledge of products also helps in increasing sales of Cadbury products in the market.


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