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Concept of Risk & Power in Social Work & Care

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Social work and social care is basically two different aspect of taking care of the individual. One is directly providing care through the services and the other is providing help in making the life better of the individual. In this report it gives stress on the concept of risk and power which is given to the social care and the social work. Besides this it talks about the theory which has been practiced by the social care. Last but not least it gives idea about the identity in difference between social care and social work.


Social care basically is the service which is given to the people who are in the need of it. There are many patients who are disabled and needs help to perform the day to day activities. Social care is the services which are given to the people are regardless of their background and the religion. Whereas in case of the social work it is done by the people to protect them for the difficulties they are going through. Social workers are the one which operates in the legal framework of the government (Aspalter and, 2012). Social work is not only helping the person physically but there are times when social work is done through providing financial assistance to the patients and even giving financial help to the organization which is carrying out these task there are different theories of social work and social care are made which has huge differences in terms of risk, power, identity etc.

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There are social workers theories which are used to guide the workers in the right direction. In case of the system theory which focuses that the system is based on the needs and the expectation of the individual. This focuses that services has to be provided according to the demand off the patients. Since the main idea is to resolve the problem of the individual that can be resolved only by satisfying their expectation. In this case there are many risk involved in social work and social care (The Politics of Social Work: Power and Subjectivity. 2014). The major type of risk in case of the social work is that if the workers give the patients wrong medicines and if it reacts negatively to the patients it is the big risk to the social workers and the social organization. The main risk assessment is in the case of the community care and child protection. There are several types of policies made by the government for protection of children and even taking care of the patients who are suffering from diseases (Blythe, 2010). In case of the system theory the concept of risk is that there are times when the workers are not able to provide satisfactory services to the patients and because of this there are several complaints which are lodged by the patients against the doctors. To avoid these problems doctors are more concern about the services which they are providing to the patients.

In case of risk factor in children protection is neglecting the rights and the duties which are provided by the government for child protection to families. Most of the types the social workers do not exercise their practice according to the rights and the duties and because of this tension arises between them. Besides the policies there are several risk involved in the protection of the child because there are many factors which are neglected in the child protection which is basically the poverty and even the family are not given importance in that case. This is basically risk to the child and the families (Emerson and, 2012). In this case the workers and the practioners  apply measures to the family besides building trusting relationship with them. This is the risk which is identified in the social work and the social organization.  Even in this case the theory which is applies is the system theory as measures has to be taken according to the preference and the expectations of the patients.


Power is basically the will of the individual against a particular situation and even their own action which is undertaken by him to overcome the situation. In case of the power in social work is that where the social workers has the right or the power to take certain decision and the action in the particular situation. Even the power in social work also means giving the power to the patients so that they can take their own decision and according to their choice their treatment can be carried out (Keeling and,2013). There are mostly two types of power one is the authority and the other is the coercion power. In this type of power this is excised only by one individual and he is the one who gives orders to the other individual. In this type of power no advice is taken from the individual on whom the power is being exercised. This is the power which is of the government as they are the major authority the power is exercised by making the policy and the legislations for the social workers. For this the social workers has top service the patients according to the policies which are made by the government. This power is basically the government power which is on the workers and the organizations which are responsible for all the rules and regulations made by them. Since for this government had made the policy like the child protection act and even other policies which are beneficial to the patients and the organization (Morgan,2013). It is beneficial for the organization as according to the rules organization can made their policy according to that.

Another is the coercion power is basically the power which is based on fear or punishment or threats are given to the individual who is not exercising it. In social work this is the power which lies in the hands of the top most authority which are responsible in doing and controlling the entire task and the activity which is performed in the organization (Watters, 2011). This is the power in which the workers have the fear of punishment and even in this they have to abide by the rules and the regulations of the organization.

Another form of the social power is the economic power is attached to the power given by the economy of the particular country. In this the main important is the monopoly of the country even it also includes the human resource which is available in the state. Economic stability also put emphasis on the social work which is done by the social workers. In case of the country which is not economically sound then in that case it impact in the finance and the government policy which are made by them. In the economically sound country May benefits are given to the individual by the government (Glasby, 2012). But in case of the underdeveloped and economically backward it requires financial help from others. Economic power plays important role in the social work as through the the financial stability of the country is analyzed. There is certain economic policy which has to be distributed among the individual equally. In case of the social work workers has to treat the patients according to their rights. Even in case of treatment there are certain economic rights which are to be considered while treating the patients.

Next is the political power in the social work as political power which is exists in the country also has impact on the work which is done in helping and saving the life of the individual (Jones,2009). Political power is basically the policy which is made by the government as there are various acts like the child labor act which puts emphasis on small children who are engaged in the labor. Because of this the social workers are there to protect the rights of the child and even provide them with necessary education which is their right. Even in case political power includes which type of economy is followed in the country. in case of democratic economy as every individual have equal rights  as in case of the authoritarian economy the individual has to their work according to the command of the authority.

There are different types of theories which are given by the theorist in relation to the power which is exists in the society (Veronesi and Keasey, 2012).  In case of the elite theory which focus on the two groups both the groups are given the decision making power. The most important thing is that their decision impacts the life of the other individuals. One group is the military, government and the media leaders and the other group who are responsible for producing the profits for the company. These are the individual who are responsible in providing the social help to the social users. Most of the thing which is governing in the social care rotate and respond ion their demand (Deo, 2007).

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There is very much difference in social care and the social work. Social work is basically caring of the individual and the patients who need helps of the social workers. But in case of the social work is not only done by the individual it can be by the organization. Social care is basically given by the individual to the person physically. But in case of the social work it can be done by the organization by giving financial help to the social organization and even there certain policy which is developed by the organization for the uplifment of the backward class.  This is the social work which is done by the individual and the organization (Dickinson and Glasby,2009). There is vast difference in the role which is played by both of them. Care is needed for the one who are having some of the issue and the problem while social work is done for the individual who are not getting equal rights.

In case of the social theory there are several theories which are made for the social workers one of them is the social learning theory which focuses on the learning concept of the workers. It says that through observation individual can learn more and according that only can react to the situation ( Lloyd and Marjorie, 2010). This theory is not applied in case of the social work. In this case the company would give the amount and help according to their desired preference. They will not change tier work in relevance to the situation. In case learning it is not helpful to them. Most of the theories are made for the social workers as they are the one which are affected by the changes which are seen in the social organization. Besides these differences there are more differences which are focused on the work and the services that are provided by the social care and the social work. The basic difference is in the services and the attitude which is regarding the roles and the responsibility. Theories are made to fulfill the rights and the duties which are assigning to them (Walsh,2010).


In case of the identity of the social work and the social care they are very much different. Because of their difference in their identity their roles and the responsibility vary according to that. Social care workers are the individual who are the one who takes care of the patients in the hospital and the social organization. But in case of the social work there is no bar or restriction which is applied any one can willing help and initiate the social work. In case of the identity factor as there is not identity is defined because a person an individual and the company can do social work (What is Social Work?. 2014). Social workers are the one who are appointed the job to take care of the social users but in case of the social work there responsibility are optional. In case of the organizations that is giving financial assistance to the social care are giving by their preference and the choice. Their main responsibility and the role are to help the organization and the individual. In case of the identity factor they are both different in every scenario. The identity which is seen in front of the individual is also different as in social work it is the whole organization while in social care it is the particular individual.

They have different identity because the policy which is made by the government is also different from the policy which is made for the social work which is according to the preference of them. The social worker has to abide by the rules and the policies which are made by the government. Since there are several acts which are made by the government like the care standard act in which the government has made the rules to maintain the standard and work accordingly (Theories Used in Social Work Practice & Practice Models. 2014). The agencies which are providing services to the social users are also to abide by the rules and the regulations which are made by the government. Even regular inspection is also made in the agency so that it can see that all the work is going on well or not.  Because of the difference in identity and even roles and duty social work and social care are regarded as different aspects from the point of view of the government.

In case of social work by company norms are made for corporate social responsibility the company has to follow this. But this is done for the overall betterment of the society not just for one single social care. But as in case of the social care it is one individual who is responsible for the role and the responsibility which assign to them. It works as a single unit.  This is the major difference in the identity of the social care and the social work. The role responsibility is also different and even the work which is done is also very different (Dickinson and Glasby, 2009). The rules regulations that are made by government are for the individual who is doing job in social organizations and serving the people. This shows that there is vast difference in social care and social work it is even seen by the theories which are given by the theorist as the theories are basically for the social care individual.

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From this report it can be concluded that there are vast difference in social care and the social work because of the different policies and even the theories which are applied to it. Even the power which is given to the organization is according to their choice and even in case of the social worker the power has to be followed mandatory by the social workers. Lastly it has given information that all the risk which are attached to the social care and social work are different from each other.


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