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International marketing is all about carrying out the various functions of business enterprise in the global market. This concept offers wide amount of opportunity to organization as it provides assistance in presenting their goods and services in international market place. For the purpose of carrying out this presentation Apple Inc, a top global brand has been selected. It is an American multinational company who deals in numerous types of consumer electronic, software and personal computers. In this presentation, idea about the procedure of brand equity model of business enterprise will be given. By the means of this model, it becomes easy for Apple to assess two aspects of the trade namely, brand awareness in the mind of customer and probable image in the mind of purchaser. This model highlights the stages of building brand which is being followed by Apple. In the first of this model, it tries to explain about the brand salience which entails that what affects the buyer to purchase the products of the organization (Gnizy and Shoham, 2014).

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Business enterprise such as Apple has developed its brand by making the best use of the new and improvised technologies in its merchandises. Later on, second stage is concerned with brand performance and imaginary outcome which showcase about the importance of using goods and services of Apple. This entire course of action is created by organization by the means of targeting its brand in terms of aspects of innovation. This acts a major reason of offering innovative products to its potential clientèle. The stage of brand judgement and feeling portray personal opinion of the customer in terms of services of its brand. In the mind of consumer the image of Apple is quite innovative that inspires the buyer to presume its products as the first option when they are going to purchase any electronic goods. In addition to this, Apple has leaved it image of extra ordinary existence especially in the mind of youth (Sharma, 2005). The last stage of brand equity model is related to brand resonance which has been developed by Apple by showcasing its diverse and varied image. This is due to the fact that it has represented it brand by exhibiting consumer’s relation on its brand as lifelong.

International Marketing Strategy

This report produced for dissertation help is going to tell about the tactics of marketing which has been adopted by business enterprise where they have planned to carry out their operations in the international market. In this context, the statement will be followed by Internationalization Process Theory utilization in the working of Apple. In order to function globally it is required by Apple to establish its separate brand image in the mind of end users. This can be achieved if organization will follow the effective structure of marketing within the firm (Arnold, 2003). This course of study describe about the concept of marketing mix which is being used by the Apple Inc at the time of launching their range of products in the market. The concept of marketing mix is based on four factors such as product, price, place and promotion. In the first part of the project product category of will be detailed. This will elaborate about the type of products which has been used by business enterprise for the purpose of establishing in the international market. This statement is also going to focus on the type of mode of distribution which is being followed by Apple. This will provide assistance to the management of Apple in accessing the possible success and failure of applied strategy (Sharma, 2005).

In addition to this, the study will also focus on advantages and disadvantages of applied pricing strategy. This is due to the fact that operations of any business become successful when tier pricing system has been set up in effective way. After this, distribution network of Apple is going to be covered. Although, all these identified strategy will be showcased in a critical way, in which user can access the probable limitation as well as advantages of using such kind of tactics for Apple. In the next segment this study is going to discuss about the operation of IPT theory which involves numerous types of strategies that can be used for the purpose of planning operations in the global market. Along with this, detailed description of this theory will highlight the type of tactics which are being followed by Apple (Gnizy and Shoham, 2014).

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