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Marketing is also a crucial activity in travel and tourism sector because it allows the business entity to promote the products and services properly at different market places. Thomas Cook has been emphasizing on varied marketing campaigns so as to promote new and attractive holiday packages. In the present case, Thomas Cook is launching its summer 2016 holidays to Morocco and Egypt and in order to promote the holiday package, Thomas Cook is organizing different campaigns and promotional events (Alegre and Cladera, 2009). Thus, in such respect, researcher has discussed relevance and importance of market research to Thomas cook Group. Furthermore, researcher has also stated the impact and influence of marketing practices on society and along with that, the concept of total tourism product is also stated. Similarly, the core concept of marketing for travel and tourism sector is stated along with the impact of marketing environment on individual business entity. Lastly, researcher has assessed the integrated nature and role of the promotional mix in marketing processes of Thomas Cook.

Task 1: Understand the concepts and principles of marketing in the travel and tourism sector

1.1 Discuss the core concepts of marketing for the travel and tourism sector

Marketing is the process where in Thomas Cook promotes its products and services to the consumer market segment as per the needs and demands of end users. It is essential for the business unit to develop an understanding of various marketing concepts. This in turn helps in supporting business operations for long run.

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Consumers’ needs and wants: The organization needs to identify consumers’ needs and wants. The concept of marketing emphasizes on identification of consumers’ needs. This in turn helps in development of products and services according to the customers’ expectations. Thomas cook should conduct research so as to identify consumers’ preferences (Crooks and, 2011). This in turn supports the organization’s efforts to devise customized services.

High value proposition: The concept of marketing focuses on delivery of high value proposition to its customers. The business units should emphasize on creation of entire value proposition for its customers. The concept of marketing believes in producing products that are required by consumers through combination of tangible and intangible products.

Customer retention: One of the important concepts of marketing is consumer retention. The business unit can adopt effective marketing strategies so as to retain customers for long run. It can be therefore said that the marketing principles help in efficient retention of customers (Gooroochurn and Sugiyarto, 2005).

Relationship marketing: The marketing aspects also focus on maintaining long-term and healthy relationship with its customers. Thomas cook can sent e-mails, organize public events so as to enter into sound relationship with its customers.

1.2 Assess the impact of the marketing environment on individual travel and tourism businesses within Thomas Cook Group and tourist destinations with reference to Morocco and Egypt.

Thomas Cook is a prominent player in travel and tourism sector who has created wide presence across the globe. The marketing environment at different tourist destinations needs to be analyzed. An in-depth analysis of micro and macro environmental factors for Morocco and Egypt is presented underneath (Hankinson, 2005).

Micro environmental factors:

Macro environment factors:

The business unit needs to evaluate macro-environmental factors so as to formulate effective strategies for the success. It is through PESTEL analysis that Macro environmental factors related to the city can be evaluated.

1.3 Discuss the factors affecting consumer motivation and demand in the travel and tourism sector

The management of Thomas Cook considers various while developing tour packages for Morocco or Egypt. In this context, different factors associated with tourist destination are explained below that affect the consumers’ motivation and demand of tourism products and services:

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1.4 Analyze the principle of market segmentation and its uses in marketing planning at Thomas Cook

For selection of target visitors or tourists, the management of Thomas Cook are able to develop an appropriate plan to attract consumers for tourist destination of Morocco and Egypt. In this context, approach of market segmentation plays important role.

Market segmentation is termed as most basic criteria of strategic marketing planning that plays important role in promotion tour package of Thomas Cook along with tourist destination. On the basis of market segmentation, company is focusing on the young age researcher and architecture who have special interest in historical traditions and arts so as they can increase their learning of about different aspect Islamic culture traditions (Hassan and Craft, 2012). Furthermore, this element also supports management of Thomas Cook and local authorities of both destination for developing appropriate marketing strategies and selection of best promotional tools to influence interest of visitors from all over the world.

Task 2: Understand the role of marketing as a management tool in travel and tourism

2.1 Analyze the importance of strategic marketing planning for Thomas Cook

In general, strategic marketing planning can be defined as the way through which company develops, plan and implement the smart and effective marketing strategy. Further, it importance can be understood effectively by understanding its process. However, its process consist of three main phases in which first phase is all about segmentation techniques through the means of which target market is divided into different parts. On the basis of which in second stage marketing planning profile of different parts of segmented market is prepared. Further, the profile revenue in which market share and profitability potential is being highlighted. By the means of these phases managers are able to analyze the segmented market and as per the nature of product, best suitable segmented market is selected in which firm can focus on attaining the growth of business at quick pace (Cook and Marqua, 2014).

Lastly, in the final stage of the process, on the basis of market segmentation, strategy is formed in which importance of market segmentation comes into existence. On the basis of it, management is able to prepare the strategic planning. However, having no inputs or valuable information, the market strategy of the firm could be developed in wrong way which could lead to generate adverse results and Thomas Cook may face huge monetary and non-monetary loss. Therefore, with the help of market segmentation, managers of Thomas Cook gets the idea about the target market so that they can accordingly develops the strategy to market products and services in effective and efficient manner (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012).

2.2 Discuss the relevance of marketing research and market information to managers in the travel and tourism sector

According to the present corporate world, managers make strategic decisions on the basis of market research and information. It is the duty of top level management of Thomas Cook to conduct market research on constant basis so that they can easily understand the changing needs and wants of market and make sure that the strategies and tactics employed are addressing the course of business in positive way. Further, with the market research, managers of Thomas Cook comes to know about the behaviour of consumer (Hankinson, 2005). With changing trends and environment consumer buying behaviour also changes thus, it is important for the cited firm to carry out market research on routine basis so that they can bring modifications within the services offered. Therefore, it can be said market research is important for the managers in travel and tourism sector. Further, with the help of this, it helps the management of Thomas Cook to compete in such a competitive market and retain its position for long term.

2.3 Assess the influence of marketing on society

There are several ways through the means of which marketing influences the society. However, thinking and life style of people are changed due to advertisements of the products. In this regard, it is important for the management of the companies to develop or design suitable and reliable advertisements which does not hurt the social aspects of the people as well as company can create awareness about its products in effective and efficient manner (Rodriguez, 2013).

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At times, marketing creates negative image within the minds of the target audience which directly leads the failure of the company. Nowadays, to promote the products, companies undertakes attractive ways which at time affects the children’s negatively. In advertisements a very high lifestyle is shown and people try to imitate lifestyle in their personal life. Even they have little money they imitate a lifestyle shown in the advertisement. Therefore, it can be understood that marketing create negative image within the minds of people living in the society. But marketing is integral part for the businesses because it helps in creating awareness about the products and services that available for the consumers (Hassan and Craft, 2012).

Task 3: To understand the role of the marketing mix in the travel and tourism sector

3.1 Discuss issues in the product, price and place elements of the marketing mix

Tourist industry is growing with the high speed and thereby offer large number of destination or tour packages to their customers. In this, marketing mix plays a vital role in achieving success in the dynamic business arena. There are several issues which are related to marketing mix place adverse effects upon the growth and success of an organization. Thus, Thomas Cook needs to be taken into consideration the following issues while framing the marketing fix are as follows:

3.2 Assess the importance of services sector mix elements to the travel sector

The service sector consist of several beneficial elements that are important for the travel and tourism sector. The marketing of the services have inter-related relation with the different elements of tourism sector:

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3.3 Apply the concept of the Total Tourism Product to an individual tourism business

Looking at the present condition of UK, tourism sector can be defined as the highly growing sector in terms of market share as well as employment opportunities. It is the combinations of different products which are offered on the basis of customer expectations and requirements. The concept of total tourism is that it ensures to meet each and every components of customer expectations and ensure highest level of satisfaction so that they can be retained for long term periods (Hankinson, 2005). Considering the demand, Thomas Cook will offer package in summer 2016 from Morocco and Egypt so as to meet the expectations of customers in the best possible manner. Further, they are included in the form of accommodation services, transportation services and other services.

Task 4: Be able to use the promotional mix in travel and tourism

4.1 Assess the integrated nature and role of the promotional mix

Promotional mix involves certain elements that acts as an aid in making promotion product and services in an effective manner. This is in order to aware people regarding products and services. This attracts the personnel to a greater extent. The several promotional mix includes:

4.2 Plan and Justify an integrated campaign for Thomas Cook summer 2016 holidays to Morocco and Egypt

Here, integrated promotional campaign has been developed by the management of Thomas Cook in regard to promote the summer 2016 holidays in Egypt and Morocco. These are as follows-

Step 1- Business is required to provide proper knowledge regarding the target market while launching the promotional campaign. Thus, such tool helps firm to offer proper information to the target marketing regard to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Step 2- Further, after making the evaluation of the target market, Thomas Cook is required to undertake effective channel of advertising in order to make best relationship with consumers and attract target audience (Alegre and Cladera, 2009).

Step 3- Moreover, after developing the integrated plan it is essential for business to look upon the promotional campaign so that tourist’s requirements can be fulfilled.

Step 4: Further there is requirement for the business to involve appropriate content with respect to detail regarding tour packages so that understanding can be developed.

Step 5: It is important that message possess suitable format so that greater integrity is ensured.

Step 6- At the end, team work is required in order to develop integration among marketing campaign so that best results can be attained (Rodriguez, 2013). Through carrying out work in coordination it helps in developing strengths and overcome weaknesses so that best results can be attained.

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The report proposed herewith emphasizes on evaluating role of marketing in travel and tourism sector. It is seen that the businesses in travel and tourism sector tends to attract large number of consumers through adoption of marketing practices in an efficient manner. Further, Thomas cook is found to effectively conduct its operations in different parts of world. Egypt and Morocco are destinations that tend to attract large number of customers. It can be therefore said that the Thomas cook has high growth opportunities within country such as Egypt and Morocco.


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