How Can it be Beneficial to Work with Leading People

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Working with leading people is study of developing skills and knowledge that are needed for working with leading people. It also make some understand about the importance of recruiting right people for the right job. In this research, researcher as the MD of the healthcare company will study the working with leading people of health care organization which is into its first year of business. Firstly, researcher will spot on recruitment, selection and retention process within organization. This paper will also make the readers understand about the style and impact of leadership on organization operation. Researcher will also identify the effectiveness in work while working in team. At last, this paper will also assess the work and development needs of individuals.

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1.1 Prepare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff

Human resource play key role in success of every organization. Success is a combination of skilled, innovative, creative and committed labor force that is important for health care company. The recruitment, selection and retention are processes of every organization that they use for getting skilled, innovative and creative labor force for success. The recruitment of new associate require different document, in this the company needs to follow different legal law for success of process of selection, etc. These processes are task of human resource department. Firstly, for documentation of recruitment, selection and retention process the company will follow some steps such as, approval, description and advertising (Fisher, 2014). Firstly, in approval the organization needs approval of recruitment from authority of organization. After approval of draft the authority will send a link to human resource departmentand request to start process.

After this, health care company requires to describe position for which they are going to recruit new member. This description will include duties and responsibility of person for vacant position. It will also include activities that the person has to perform while working on the position in organization. At last, advertising will help organization to gather potential candidates for vacant position. It includes declaration, skills, payment, etc about job or position (May, 2005). Organization can use various channels for advertisement like, print media, electronic media, online media, etc.

1.2 Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process

There are various considerations that health care company has to consider at time of all process but one of ethical consideration is that employer or management of company has a responsibility to observe all recruitment process with consideration of provincial and federal legislation. It is also necessary for management to gather all information in advance about these considerations for success of recruitment process. The groundwork for the interview must be managed properly such as reservation of the place, booking of space, etc. Other than this, company must provide confirmation of job offers and terms of employment in writing (Lee, 2003).

While on other hand, there are some legal responsibilities too for success of process. The employer or organization has to make sure that no criminal discrimination occurs on the basis of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disability and religion during process. Otherwise, this will lead company to some legal issues and affect the business. The recruitment and selection process must operate as equal opportunity for all (Pivo, 2008). The simple plan is essential for the employers to evaluate recruitment needs, plan training programs, expand policies for career and development, predict and avoid redundancies with control of staff cost to gain competitive edge in market.

1.3 Take part in the selection process

Being a managing director of health care company, researcher will take part in selection process by selecting a recruitment and selection panel, short listing, interview and appointment. Here managing director will work as part of human resource department for success of organization as well as for success of their selection process. Firstly, managing director will select a recruitment and selection panel for success of selecting employee this will done with help of human resource department (Hashisho, 2001). The selection panel will depend on vacancies in organization. This panel will be responsible to take interview. Secondly, in short listing after receiving submission of applicants, the recruitment and selection panels make a list of appropriate applicants by using different short listing method. The managing director will monitor the all process of short listing.

After that, recruitment and selection panels of health care company will take the interview of selected applicants. In interview the panel will ask question about themselves, background, educational background, experience, cultural background, etc. in this process managing director will monitor the process as well as he can suggest some innovative ways to judge the candidate. At last, in appointment the recruitment and selection panels will recommend applicants who satisfy the selection panels by achievingmaximum criteria or who meet criteria of job. Then managing director will look over the list of selected candidate and he will sign the appointment letter (Peter, 2013).

1.4 Contribution to the selection process

In the assignment being a managing director, I take part in preparing documents which are necessary for selection process. Firstly, I take part in documentation by giving approval to draft for starting recruitment and selection process. After this, I take part in selecting recruitment and selection panel forsuccess of this process. I take part in process with help of human resource department for selection of new staff for health care company. Other than this, I will play my role in short listing candidates by proper monitoring of candidates (Cox, 2010). Being a managing director I will suggest some innovative ways to selection panel to judge candidate and make process successful. At last, I will look over the list of selected candidates as new member of organization and sign their offer letter regarding their job.

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2.1 Skills and attributes needed for leadership

The managing director of health care company has decided to expand business and for success of expansion organization needed new employees with leadership skills for success. There are some arguments that why person should have skills and attributes of leadership such as, the person is responsible for new division of business, if person does not have skills of leadership the he will not be able to maintain work effectively (Gardner, 2010). It doesn’t mean that person should not have managerial skill because if person is not having managerial ability then he cannot be a good leader, so it is important to have managerial as well as leadership skill in person.

There are some leadership skills and attributes that person should have for being a good leader. To being a good leader in health care company person must have positive behavior towards it work like honesty, ethics, social responsibility, etc. Other than this, person must have strength of personality that gives moral value to work and motivate to handle things in easy way (Hunter, 2007). Person also needs skill for solving issues and communication skill to maintain relationship employees or followers for success of organization or to achieve organizational goal.

2.2 Difference between leadership and management

There are several different leadership and management theories that are important for every organization. Firstly, leadership is a process of social control in which an individual can enroll and support others tothe accomplishment of a common task. It can also be said that it is a process to motivate employees and people to work hard towards the success of the organization. While on the other side, management is an organization or a group that coordinates the activities of business that will help in achieving organizational goal. It includes directors and managers who are responsible to make decisions and oversee an enterprise (Newton, 2003).

Leadership is the capability of anindividual to motivate and cheer others to put in work for making effective working conditions in organization and for success of health care company. In this, person or leader mainly spotlights on leading people. Leaders of different organizations generally adopt transformational, consultative and participative approach. While on other side, management is all about directing and controlling group of people in order to achieve organizational goal. Management is also responsible to coordinate with groups for achieving organizational goal. Its main focus is on managing work (Curran, 2009).Management mostly implements autocratic, transactional and democratic style for accomplishing goal.

2.3 Compare leadership styles for different situations

There are two important leadership styles that will be useful for heath care company such as, autocratic and participative leadership. There are several similarities between these leaderships like; the final decision is always made by leader. These leaderships also have some differences like, in autocratic leadership leader will take all decisions without consulting any group member. It can be said that there is no involvement of subordinates in decision making process. While on other side, participative leader will always allow subordinates or team members in decision making process. It creates positive environment within organization and lead to increase in performance (Andersen, 2012).

Being a managing director, I will use autocratic leadership style for new recruits in company because they don’t have proper knowledge about working conditions of organization, so they cannot suggest the best way to achieve organizational goal. While on other side, I will use participative leadership while working with other employees or old employees because they are experience holders and are aware about the culture or structure of organization (Hamson, 2012). They know about the strength and weakness of organization which will help in achieving goal by providing innovative suggestion to overcome issues.

2.4 Ways to motivate staff to achieve objectives

There are several motivational theories that can be used to improve the confidence of team in order to help in achievement of short term objective of department such as, Maslow’s, Herzberg’s and Alderfer’s Erg motivational theory.Being a managing director I will prefer to use Maslow’s motivational theory to motivate staff of health care company. It is possible to motivate all three levels of management and achieve goals because it will motivate employees of all levels to work according to individual needs. It works in down to top flow and health care company staff will not consider for higher need until person will not get current needs. It includes physiological, safety, social, esteem and self actualization needs (Stanley, 2006).

These needs are also classified in different elements like, physiological needs of staff includes food and salary. Secondly, the staff of health care company will move to safety and job security needs. After this, members will get motivated to achieve social needs and esteem needs. This will motivate employees to have some challenges and achieve some innovation through handling important projects.

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3.1 Benefits of team working for an organisation

Team work plays an important role in the success of an organization and it is very much beneficial in order to achieve organizational goal. According to researcher, team work is best way to share skills of individual that helps organization in performing task. In every organization team work aids the success and failure and is not entirely dependent onindividuals.Team work is unity of knowledge and skills that motivate employees to achieve goals with improvement in skills. Team work will also increase efficiency of organization; it will helpemployees to finish their task speedily with increasein effectiveness. If any employees will tryto work individually then he cannot complete task faster then while working in team (Anand, 2010). It will motivate them to cooperate in work to complete the task and help in reducing the work overload.

Team work also helps in developing employee relation within organization like health care company. The work in team provides a wider opportunity to employees to create a bond with each other and turn organization environment is positive way. The employees of health care company will feel proud and good at completion of task in effective way and create a trust between them.

3.2 Working in a team as a leader and member

Health care company has to look for different conditionswhile performing organizational tasks. Company has to solve problem and issues through working together in a team. As a leader or as a member company is successful when there is team work. Company can follow Belbin’s Team Role for their successful work in team. It includes profiling people as per their personalities. For e.g. coordinator, shaper, plant, resource investigator, implementer and evaluator.

Firstly, coordinator is measured as the person responsible to achieve team goals and objectives. He always tries to motivate others to make them dedicated about the work. Secondly, shaper ishigh motivated person to wins raceswith challenges. This person is much loyal to work, and is always motivates others to accomplish goals (Lee, 2003). Other than this, plant has a role as idea maker with maintaining high IQ and introversion. They are extremely concerned about important issues within organization. At last, the resource investigator, implementer and evaluator will be responsible to look for resource available and implementer or evaluator will implement the process in team work to achieve goals with monitoring of all process.

Firm can overcome conflicts and issues with proper use of team members, coordinator will motivate members to work hard and meet the objectives. Sharper will also encourage other members to overcome the issues. The leaders and other team members can also focus on realistic goals to meet organizational goals. There are several conflicts in team working but firm can overcome those issues through having proper discussion with all members to find out innovative way to overcome issue. Other than this, firm can also focus on feedbacks, questionnaire, reward system and other communication strategies to solve the issues.

3.3 Effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals

The team work of health care companyplays key role in effectiveness of work and important for effective work in competitive market. While working in different environment conditions employees needmixture of knowledge and experience for success of organization. The team of the health care companyincludes diversity of knowledge to work in effective team and that will help them to overcomethe challenges that are facing by staff while working or moving forward to achieve organizational goal (Pivo, 2008). It is important for team work to workproperly according to ethical code of actionswhile working with different people from different culture. It also motivates employees to have proper respect to other members of team. The increase in respect between each other will help them to work effectively and efficiently in team. The team work in organization will also allow following Belbin’s Team Role model.It includes different aspects to make team effective and helpful for performing task. The every team member of health care companywill also have appropriate roles and responsibilities to workwhich will be set and driven by the leader which will help toaccomplish the objectives of organization.


4.1 Factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance

It is important for every organization to measure the work performance of employees and maintain the growth ratio of improvement in working condition. There are some ways that will be helpful in measuring and monitoring performance of health care company employees. It includes setting up random methods, survey, performance appraisal and appraisal interview.

Firstly, organization can use random methods of quality control in the organization to measure quality that will acknowledge about performance of employees. Firm can also motivate employees to work hard and improve performance (Cox, 2010). The quality of work depends on performance of employees. Secondly, health care company can also conduct survey with their clients and customers about their services that will also help in measuring performance of staff and motivate to find innovative ways to overcome issues. Other than this, health care company can adopt performance appraisal and appraisal interview. The performance appraisal will motivate employees to work hard and achieve goals. That will lead to increase in performance and decrease the issues within organization. Health care company can also arrange formal appraisalinterviews with employees to measure the performance of staff. This will help the company to know about individual needs and their attitude towards work.

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4.2 Plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of individuals

Health care company is emerging organization that provides service related to health and social care. In this process company needs to provide high quality of training and learning to its employees for gaining its competitive edge. Organization has to identify the needs of training; company can consider some points while identifying the training needs. The training needs of firm include organization strategies, goals and objectives. These plans are necessary for development of health care staff. It will focus on increase in employee work flexibility and generate more business with increase in productivity (Asquith, 2007).

Other than this, company can also adopt low cost measurement methods to identify needs like, performance evaluation, meetings and self assessment questionnaire to evaluate the skills of employees and needs of individual. These methods will help organization in measure performance of staff individually and also help in creating relationship with employees and make them motivate to work hard. There is process or plan to development the needs of individual, it includes steps like, deciding objective, identify needs, arrange and conduct meeting, examine the gathered information and then implementation of training process to develop individual skills and needs (Fisher, 2014).

4.3 Success of the assessment process

The company should provide effective training to employees for improving their skills. It is also necessary for employees to have orientation during training process. After training,it is also important to have proper evaluation of assessment process or training process. Otherwise company will not able to identify the progress in employee skills and that will affect the training process.

The success of assessment process can be measure on basis of some factors like, biological, intrapsychic and social. It has been identified that decided time frame is realistic and company can achieve its goals in selected time. The goals can be meeting through proper training regarding time management and leadership. Firm has conducted different time management session for improvement and also motivate employees to read books, watching videos, etc. This helped in gathering information about time management and improvement in skill. The process has improved skills and lead firm to increase in performance. Training and development program also helped leader to improve skills and provide a proper understanding about roles and responsibilities. This has lead to improvement in communicationsystem and reduces the miscommunication.


As per above study it can be concluded that working with leading people is important for every organization to understand the aspects of recruitment, selection process as well as aspects related to team work. In this research, researcher has identified the documentation thatis required for selection of new staff in health care company. It also been spotted that company also have to consider legal and ethical aspects at time of recruitment and selection process. Other than this, paper has also spotted on skills and attributes that are important of person to being a good leader. At last, researcher has spotted that team work will help organization to improve effectiveness and performance of employees.


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